Brass bands, ballet and a nude horn section from Supermafia VJ's new video

Posted by James Cartwright,

We’d be lying if we told you that Supermafia VJ’s latest spot for Swiss electro-marching band Kadebostany wasn’t a pretty tense watch. It’s all moody lighting, intense gazes and aggressive, angular dance moves. But it’s also pretty freaking excellent, forcing you to the edge of your seat as the music slowly crescendos with the relentless progression of the horn section. Whether you’re a fan of Balkan-themed brass bands or not (we are now) you’re going to want to see this for the pure experience alone.

  • Kadebostany-1

    Supermafia VJs: Walking With A Ghost

  • Kadebostany-3

    Supermafia VJs: Walking With A Ghost

  • Kadebostany-2

    Supermafia VJs: Walking With A Ghost

  • Kadebostany-4

    Supermafia VJs: Walking With A Ghost


Posted by James Cartwright

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