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    Karim Charelbois-Zariffa for Yota

Hot dog - superb stuff via Karim Charlebois-Zariffa's new update

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Lesser creatives than Karim Charlebois-Zariffa might rest on having the best name in the business and churn out pedestrian work in place of anything interesting safe in the knowledge all those syllables are going to raise an admiring eyebrow. But KC-Z continues to work across a range of disciplines with real flair and imagination as his latest site update proves. There’s a Mexican pimped BMX ad for a Russian telecoms company installed upside down and flipped in photography for maximum effect (quite the response to a brief to do anything that includes the firm’s trademark two blue dots). There’s a car-parts typeface for AOL and a remote-controlled book/car made in conjunction with Sagmeister for BMW.

Kudos K-CZ, kudos indeed.

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    Karim Charelbois-Zariffa for Yota

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    Karim Charelbois-Zariffa for Yota

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    Karim Charelbois-Zariffa for Yota (set-up shot)

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    Karim Charelbois-Zariffa for AOL Auto Blog

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    Karim Charelbois-Zariffa for AOL Auto Blog


Posted by Rob Alderson

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