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    Kate MccGwire: Splice (detail)

A new show from Kate MccGwire focusses on bewitching feather scultptures

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Despite our love of prattling on, sometimes it’s the artists themselves who best articulate the qualities of their work we so admire. So it is with Kate MccGwire, who describes her extraordinary feather creations as being “both sensual and deviant in equal measure.” Kate is best known for her huge pieces where slicks of feathers become organic masses and take over the gallery space in beautiful and unsettling ways. Her new show opening in London next week focusses on less overwhelming but no less intriguing pieces, smaller sculptures of incredible form and texture which seem to throb with an inner vitality.

Two pieces in particular reflect Kate’s interest in hair and the big, plaited forms add an unerring human dimension to her bewitching creations.

Lure runs at All Visual Arts between November 22 and January 26.

  • Kate_mccgwire_cleave-detail-2

    Kate MccGwire: Cleave (detail)

  • Kate_mccgwire_cleave-detail-3

    Kate MccGwire: Cleave

  • Kate_mccgwire_splice

    Kate MccGwire: Splice

  • Kate_mccgwire_taunt

    Kate MccGwire: Taunt

  • Kate_mccgwire_narcis

    Kate MccGwire: Narcis

  • Kate_mccgwire_orchis

    Kate MccGwire: Narcis

  • Kate_mccgwire_coerce

    Kate MccGwire: Coerce

  • Kate_mccgwire_coerce-details-4

    Kate MccGwire: Coerce (detail)

  • Kate_mccgwire_coerce-detail-3

    Kate MccGwire: Coerce (detail)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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