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    Keith Negley: Christianity Today (detail)

Illustrating life's gloomy side perfectly, Keith Negley's illustrations are beautiful

Posted by Anya Lawrence,

It takes an impressive person to put a positive spin on life’s gloomy patches; after all “the undeniable impact mankind has had on the planet” has never been the rosiest of conversation topics. But what an impressive man Keith Negley is; illustrating the gloomiest of things in the most beautiful ways. It has to be said that this New York creative is one fine illustrator!

Specialising in editorial and with a client list stretching further than a can of silly string in the hands of a smarties-infused five year old, (try The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg for some name-dropping) it’s easy to see why he’s so regularly commissioned.

With his never-ending colour palette and exploration of life’s dark themes – including depression (New York Times Book Review: Michael Mogriff) and loss (New York Times Book Review: Graham Swift) – in a uniquely beautiful and curious way, Keith’s illustrations are some of the most sensitive we’ve laid eyes on.

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    Keith Negley: Corporate Knights

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    Keith Negley: Global Brief

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    Keith Negley: Columbia Magazine

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    Keith Negley: New York Times Book Review (Graham Swift)

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    Keith Negley: The New Republic

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    Keith Negley: Father’s Day

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    Keith Negley: New York Times Book Review (Michael Mogriff)


Posted by Anya Lawrence

Anya joined us as an editorial intern straight from Cardiff University and wrote for the site between August and October 2012.