Brilliant fun with stock footage from the twisted mind of Keith Schofield

Posted by James Cartwright,

Oh hi there Keith Schofield. It’s been a while since you entertained us with the products of your twisted mind. What’s that, you’ve got a new video for Darwin Deez that takes a load of bizarre stock footage and turns it into a tragic tale of missed romantic opportunity ending in the timely death of the protagonist on a sun-drenched beach? Yeah sure we’d love to watch it. It’s bit weird though isn’t it Keith, much like that Duck Sauce video you did last time with the singing crotch-faces. Actually to be honest Keith, all of your videos make us feel a bit weird. But we do bloody love them.

  • Keith-2

    Keith Schofield: You Can’t Be My Girl (still)

  • Keith-3

    Keith Schofield: You Can’t Be My Girl (still)

  • Keith-4

    Keith Schofield: You Can’t Be My Girl (still)

  • Keith-lead

    Keith Schofield: You Can’t Be My Girl (still)


Posted by James Cartwright

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