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    Keith Warren Greiman: Flash Flood

Illustration: Keith Warren Greiman shows us how surreal the everyday can be

Posted by Emily Beber,

For one day only I would like to see what life looks like through illustrator Keith Warren Greiman’s eyes. It would undoubtedly be a colourful experience, filled with people and maybe some animals, both doing supernatural things that seem everyday because everything is, well, animated. His explanation? Humans are “conduits of the gritty, vibrant energy that propels our day to day living.” So it is no wonder really that his illustrations, prints, drawing and paintings are as toxically hued as they are, seeing surfaces split into mazes of manic encounters between people, boldly coloured with bright lips and fluorescent hair. It is everyday life but Keith presents it with that giddy feeling you get sometimes, often passed off as déjà vu,; that feeling that you are seeing the experience as you are living it.

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    Keith Warren Greiman: The Diamond Dog

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    Keith Warren Greiman: Bear Suit

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    Keith Warren Greiman: New Years Prom

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    Keith Warren Greiman: UTNE Reader

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    Keith Warren Greiman: SNOQUALMIE


Posted by Emily Beber

Emily worked with us as an editorial intern during her summer break from the Royal College of Art and wrote for the site between August and September 2013.