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    Kelvin Murray: Sport Shadows

Glorious celebrations of sporting totems from photographer Kelvin Murray, NOT linked to you-know-what

Posted by James Cartwright,

Olympics, Olympics, Olympics. Everywhere you turn right now, there they are. Looming overhead in brightly-coloured flag form or shouting “Here we are!” at you from the side of a bus. The mania is inescapable, it’s coming for you (it’s got us already). But does anyone remember when we just had regular sport? Like last summer, we had tennis, not Olympic tennis, and athletics, not Olympic athletics. Just plain old sport, without giant metallic mascots.

These stunning shots of sporting paraphernalia come courtesy of London-based photographer Kelvin Murray and rather surprisingly have absolutely nothing to do with this summer’s events. Rather they serve simply as an iconic snapshot of the functional objects at the heart of our global sports obsession; suspended mid-swipe in high definition. Their autonomous movement reveals a beauty that’s rarely experienced within the context of a sporting event, further exaggerated by the inclusion of some seriously beautiful backdrops. Perhaps Lord Coe should think about giving Kelvin a call.

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    Kelvin Murray: Sport Shadows

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    Kelvin Murray: Sport Shadows

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    Kelvin Murray: Sport Shadows

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    Kelvin Murray: Sport Shadows


Posted by James Cartwright

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