Music Video: King Krule's Easy Easy is an angsty masterpiece

Posted by Alex Bec,

With lyrical prowess as sure-footed as: “I know I should’ve kept my receipt, cos this sandwich yeah, it’s been off for a week,” Archy Marshall (AKA King Krule) has never, in his short career failed to spell-bind his listeners. His sometimes slightly awkward, aggressively spat compositions aren’t for everyone – but then you find out his psyeudonym is inspired by computer game character King K. Rool (from Nintendo’s classic Donkey Kong) and you can’t help but be sold. As for Easy Easy, his latest single shot by L.A’s Focus Creeps, the combination of reckless cricket bat wielding, hazily filmed memories, oversized suits and lens flare prove to be the most unlikely yet perfectly formed medley.

  • Kk1

    Focus Creeps: King Krule – Easy Easy (still)

  • Kk2

    Focus Creeps: King Krule – Easy Easy (still)

  • Kk3

    Focus Creeps: King Krule – Easy Easy (still)

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    Focus Creeps: King Krule – Easy Easy (still)


Posted by Alex Bec

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