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    Kristian Hammerstad:

Kristian Hammerstad's teen comic style is fantastically skewed-nostalgic

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Archie comics lose their charm once the late-teens kick in, but then there’s Kristian Hammerstad to coax you in to his world where the characters look like Archie and Betty and Veronica but are definitely not them. Wave goodbye to milkshakes and beach volleyball and say hello to discoloured skin, mutant ape men and throbbing eyeballs. The work of Kristian Hammerstad is simultaneously reminiscent of old garage metal gig posters and those Archie comics that it is all at once a charmingly nostalgic sight to behold.

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    Kristian Hammerstad: A Bathing Ape

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    Kristian Hammerstad: Las Vegas Weekly

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    Kristian Hammerstad: Portrait of Keith Olbermann

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    Kristian Hammerstad: Sound Pellegrino

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    Kristian Hammerstad: Grafill

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    Kristian Hammerstad: Bitch Boys

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    Kristian Hammerstad: Bokvennen


Posted by Liv Siddall

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