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    Kustaa Saksi: Herbarium Of Dreams (detail)

Exhibition: Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi takes weaving to psychedelic new levels

Posted by James Cartwright,

As if you needed any more reasons to take an interest in the work of Finnish graphic powerhouse Kustaa Saksi he’s recently added more skills to his already impressive arsenal, making use of the jacquard loom to move his work into exciting new territory. Kustaa’s latest exhibition, Hypnopompic takes inspiration from the state of sensory confusion that exists between sleep and wakefulness, using the visual delusions experienced during this strange period of consciousness to inspire a set of intricate psychedelic tapestries, busy with distorted flora and fauna. There’s strobing monkeys clambering through trees, some giant technicolour grasshoppers and a particularly ominous looking spider haunting a tapestry of deep reds and blues.

The alpaca and mohair pieces are currently on show at Helsinki’s Korjaamo gallery until September 15.

  • Arachne's-web_2013

    Kustaa Saksi: Arachne’s Web

  • Arbor_vitae_2013

    Kustaa Saksi: Arbor Vitae

  • Saksi_detail_01_lores

    Kustaa Saksi: Arbor Vitae (detail)

  • Saksi_detail_02_lores

    Kustaa Saksi: Arbor Vitae (detail)

  • Blood-brothers_2013

    Kustaa Saksi: Blood Brothers

  • Chirp-chirp_2013

    Kustaa Saksi: Chirp Chirp

  • In-the-fish-trap_2013

    Kustaa Saksi: In The Fish Trap

  • Hiding-in-plain-sight_2013

    Kustaa Saksi: Hiding In Plain Sight

  • Gk3249

    Kustaa Saksi: Hypnopompic

  • Gk3250

    Kustaa Saksi: Hypnopompic


Posted by James Cartwright

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