Art: Meet Laser Cat, a giant raving laser-clad kitty that projects art out of its eyes

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

I don’t know if you remember that quiet Friday last November when the concept of Laser Cat came stomping noisily into the serene forest of our lives, shooting lasers from its eyes and projecting insane artwork onto the walls and angrily demanding to be fed? Back then it was a mere twinkle in its creators Hungry Castle’s eyes, but never ones to disappoint, they’ve been as true as true can be to their word and brought the Laser Cat to fruition. And what a result they’ve had.

Nowadays, Laser Cat is an all-raving, all-projecting, real-life art installation (of sorts), and while it’s still demanding to be fed artwork (all you have to do to is to submit your own creations to the site to see them added to the jumbo-sized mishmash) it’s also bringing joy to ravers and party-goers WORLDWIDE, and frankly, you cannot say fairer than that.

Now, can I gently suggest that the museum curators and gallery owners who are always looking for new and exciting ways to immerse visitors in their art work take a leaf out of Hungry Castle’s book?

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    Hungry Castle: Laser Cat

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    Hungry Castle: Laser Cat

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    Hungry Castle: Laser Cat

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    Hungry Castle: Laser Cat

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    Hungry Castle: Laser Cat


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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