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    Laura Callaghan: narrative illustration

Girls, books, eyebrows and patterns. Laura Callaghan’s got it covered

Posted by Anna Trench,

Laura Callaghan draws girls. Bookish, Frieda Kahlo-browed girls in patterned vintage wear who never smile. Rarely fully dressed, they spread their white limbs awkwardly in suffocating, multi-coloured rooms. Sometimes the unflinching eyes of another girl will be mirrored in an overwrought frame. There’s lepidoptera and there’s also Lolita.

Irish but based in South East London, Laura Callaghan keeps it traditional with watercolour, indian ink and “the smallest pens I can get my hands on.” Her patterns are incredibly intricate and her lines are lovely. If you look closely you’ll be rewarded by knowing asides, like this record store advert: “wanted: female drummer needed for all-girl metal band.” Channeling 1920s fashion illustration, Edward Gorey and Balthus, these girls feel like the brilliant product of a sartorially-conscious witching hour rite.

  • The-maid-needs-a-maid

    Laura Callaghan: The Maid needs a Maid

  • Wiccans

    Laura Callaghan: Wiccans

  • Sundaygirl

    Laura Callaghan: Sunday Girl

  • Record-store

    Laura Callaghan: Record Store

  • The-caff

    Laura Callaghan: The Caff

  • Childrens-book

    Laura Callaghan: Children’s Book


Posted by Anna Trench

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