• Myra1687_3kq8u24i

    Les Sentiment des Choses, installation view, (Credit: Martin Argyroglo)

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    Les Sentiment des Choses, installation view, (Credit: Martin Argyroglo)

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    Les Sentiment des Choses, installation view, (Credit: Martin Argyroglo)

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    Les Sentiment des Choses, installation view, (Credit: Martin Argyroglo)

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    Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton, (Credit: Martin Argyroglo)

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    Ryan Gander, (Credit: Martin Argyroglo)

  • Myra1643_kteunz3y

    Martino Gamper, (Credit: Martin Argyroglo)

  • Myra1565_gwrg6qrj

    Bruno Munari, (Credit: Martin Argyroglo)

  • Myra1564_s1vwexjd

    Bruno Munari, (Credit: Martin Argyroglo)

What's On: Le Sentiment des Choses

Posted by Alex Moshakis,

Taking the eternally playful Bruno Munari as inspiration, a group of contemporary artists – Ryan Gander, Martino Gamper, Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton included – have combined to produce a group show that has process, rather than finished result, at its heart. On at Paris gallery Le Plateau until 26 February, Les Sentiment des Choses is a varied but complimentary reaction to Munari’s prolific exploration of form, colour and image, presented in an “open situation,” the gallery text reveals, meaning “detours contribute more than the destination.”

Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton’s “Same Age Sculptures” – 34 pairs of clay sculptures, depicting things like Snoopy’s nose, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s thumbs -up at the end of Terminator 2, and David Bowie’s original teeth – are a particular highlight. As Michael reveals: "This series of sculptures was made when Lenka and I were the exact same age. We produced each one blindfolded, removing aesthetic anxiety, emphasising surprise and play. Because I’m older by 34 days, I made one a day, for 34 days. Then Lenka began, and 34 days/sculptures later her first piece was coupled with my first piece, second with second, etc.

“Age is frequently used to compare what two people have accomplished, creating a winner and a loser. This work gently throttles that belittling system. The most interesting pair of sculptures will be cast in bronze.”

Munari would be happy, we feel.


Posted by Alex Moshakis

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