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    Leo Karhunen: Artek, 75 Years

The pic and mix portfolio of multi-faceted designer Leo Karhunen

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Hats off to Leo Karhunen for boldly designing an advert for Artek using only his bare hands and no computer aid whatsoever. This is just one of his brilliant projects in which he gets involved in every aspect possible, (see his about section, you’ll see what I mean) rendering him one hell of a multi-faceted designer. An ideas man as well as an aesthetics-wizard, Leo was behind the successful Heineken Open Source stage at Flow Festival last year, where he helped in allowing the public to suggest what kind of artist they wanted to see on the stage beforehand and then made their dreams come true – “The final lineup included up-and-coming acts and one-offs, ballerinas, a street drummer, freestyle rap and some classic re-union action.” Amazing!

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    Leo Karhunen: Artek advert (no computers used)

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    Leo Karhunen: Artek advert (no computers used)

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    Leo Karhunen: Stop Mdernists ‘Subculture’ artwork

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    Leo Karhunen: Turku Modern

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    Leo Karhunen:

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    Leo Karhunen: Wild Combo, Identity and flyers

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    Leo Karhunen: Turku Modern Zine

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    Leo Karhunen: Turku Modern


Posted by Liv Siddall

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