Film: Here's a rare glimpse into the rainbow-covered universe of Lisa Frank

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

If you were young in a time when the Spice Girls ruled over your brain and Woolworths over your pocket money, the chances are you’ve heard of Lisa Frank. An American artist and illustrator, she has been treasured by fans the world over for her rainbow-spattered neon artwork, which favours unicorns, heart, stars, animals and glitter for its subject matter and can be found on stationery, stickers, games, dolls and toys alike. She’s famously very shy (so much so that fans have long questioned whether or not she is actually real, thereby securing her mystical status) but those cheeky chaps over at Urban Outfitters recently managed to snag an interview with her at her headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, divulging a rarely-seen glimpse into her fantastical universe.

Highlights include a wander around Lisa’s fireproof archive, in which she stores one of every single product her company has ever created, a giant bubble gum machine in the foyer, a wall plastered in fan mail, and last but not least a young Mila Kunis dressed head to toe in the throwoffs of the 1990s, prancing gleefully around a Lisa Frank store. We still want to be your best friend, Lisa.

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    Lisa Frank: Interview

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    Lisa Frank: Interview

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    Lisa Frank: Interview

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    Lisa Frank: Interview


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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