• Hanawalt-lead

    Lisa Hanawalt: Street Construction drawing

  • Hanawalt-lead2

    Lisa Hanawalt: Street Construction drawing 2

Delightful, dirty, anthropomorphic fun from the very skilled hand of Lisa Hanawalt

Posted by Anna Trench,

A lot happens in cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt’s mouths. Sporting sexy high fashion, lizards drape themselves over fast cars with suggestive, slithering tongues. On construction sites, busty canine workers let their floppy tongues hang out as they fumble with hoses and cavort on excavators. In the forest, pink hounds happily leap out of a huge Darth Vader/puppy’s verdant, gaping jaws. Meanwhile, Obama swallows love-struck, tongue-entwined Romney and Ryan whole.

Brooklyn-based Hanawalt’s comics and illustrations have been gracing McSweeney’s, The Believer, The New York Times and other quality magazines for ages now. They’re bright, bizarre and often crammed with textile-clad animals partaking in suggestive anthropomorphic activities. They’re also, of course, very well drawn and designed. If you haven’t feasted upon them yet, get stuck in; if you have, feast again.

  • Lisa-hanawalt-politics

    Lisa Hanawalt: Politics

  • Lisa-hanawalt-politics-3

    Lisa Hanawalt: Politics

  • Lisa-hanawalt-5

    Lisa Hanawalt: Politics

  • Lisa-hanawalt-politics-2

    Lisa Hanawalt: Politics

  • Lisa-hanawalt-lizards-back-from-the-future

    Lisa Hanawalt: Lizards Back From the Future

  • Jungle-dogs2

    Lisa Hanawalt: Jungle Dogs

  • Lisa-hanawalt-romance-movie

    Lisa Hanawalt: Romance Movie

  • Lisa-hanawalt-how-to-draw-an-ear

    Lisa Hanawalt: How to Draw an Ear

  • Lisa-hanawalt-transformers

    Lisa Hanawalt: Transformers

  • Lisa-hanawalt-dog-spewing-cars

    Lisa Hanawalt: Dog Spewing Cars

  • Lisa-hanawalt-basilisk-lizard

    Lisa Hanawalt: Basilisk Lizard


Posted by Anna Trench

Anna is a writer and illustrator who joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Cambridge University and Falmouth university. She wrote for the site between January and March 2013.