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    Milton Glaser: From Poppy With Love (detail)

London Design Festival: Our new pod focusses on the Chwast/Glaser show

Posted by Rob Alderson,

We’ve been banging the drum for the graphics side of the London Design Festival throughout the week and today’s focus is on two of the most exciting offerings. Listen below to Graham McCallum of Kemistry Gallery talking about the jaw-dropping Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast show and illustrator Rob Hunter talks past, present and future.

  • War-is-madness-24-x-36-in

    Seymour Chwast: War Is Madness

Opening tonight at east London’s Kemistry Gallery, Seymour & Milton brings together the posters of the two iconic designers from their days when they worked together as Push Pin Studio. It’s an amazing collection of great-looking graphics with something to say and in an extra thrill, visitors to Kemistry can see the pair’s sketchbooks, giving an amazing insight into two such colossal talents. The show runs until November 16.

  • 1968-from-poppy-with-love-24x36'-nfs

    Milton Glaser: From Poppy With Love

  • 1967-ny-magazine.jpg-23.5x37'-fs

    Milton Glaser: NY Magazine

  • End-bad-breath-27.5-x-39-in

    Seymour Chwast: End Bad Breath

  • No-go-24-x-36-in

    Seymour Chwast: No Go

Meanwhile also tonight, illustrator Rob Hunter is at NoBrow talking bout his latest book Map of Days a brilliantly surreal exploration of the secret world of grandfather clocks.

  • Map_of_days_print__800

    Rob Hunter: Map of Days print

  • Slide_map01_800

    Rob Hunter: Map of Days

  • Slide_map02_800

    Rob Hunter: Map of Days

  • Slide_map04_800

    Rob Hunter: Map of Days

  • Slide_map05_800

    Rob Hunter: Map of Days

  • Slide_map06_800

    Rob Hunter: Map of Days

  • Slide_map10_800

    Rob Hunter: Map of Days

  • Slide_map12_800

    Rob Hunter: Map of Days

  • Slide_map14_800

    Rob Hunter: Map of Days


Posted by Rob Alderson

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