Any animators out there? Submit a short to LoopdeLoop

Posted by Liv Siddall,

After watching some of the entries on the LoopdeLoop website I’m pretty sure you’ll never need to watch a full length film ever again after they prove to you that yes, a 15-second animation on loop can be enough to satisfy your viewing needs. LoopdeLoop is an online Australian “animation challenge” which publishes a theme – this month is “play” – and invites animators from all over the world to submit very short shorts to their site to be judged accordingly. The best one then aired to a live audience in Loop, an arty Melbourne bar.

Check out these two submissions we’ve picked from the “play” theme. One, a nostalgic moment by Chris Koelsch and the other a meaty, chest-beatingly good animation from Tom Bunker and Jack Cunningham.

Not a million miles away from the Gif world, but definitely on a different level, the LoopdeLoop entries are a collection of cute, funny, couldn’t-care-less animations based around a theme, which this month is “Play”. Check out the two we have featured here, one by Tom Bunker and Jack Cunningham


Posted by Liv Siddall

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