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Graphic Design: Pay what you like for a huge archive of Lost Type

Posted by James Cartwright,

It’s been a little while since we posted this really useful design resource (two years in fact), but we’ve been massively impressed by the offerings of pay-what-you-want type foundry The Lost Type Co-Op, and their ever-increasing selection of fonts. The website offers a huge range of meticulously designed fonts that can be purchased for as much or as little as you’re prepared to pay. It’s an interesting model that encourages fairness in terms of usage and cost and, we’d hope, is rarely the victim of any abuse. It also allows budding young designers with zero budget to experiment with fonts outside of the Adobe standard package without breaking them financially.

We’re all for supporting this kind of business model, particularly when all of the funds go to the designers themselves. So go forth, spend generously and pick up some tasty fonts for all your typographic needs. (Even the folks at Swedish McDonald’s are doing it!)

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    The Lost Type Co-Op

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    The Lost Type Co-Op

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    The Lost Type Co-Op: Homestead

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    The Lost Type Co-Op: Homestead

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    The Lost Type Co-Op: Ranger

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    The Lost Type Co-Op: Ranger


Posted by James Cartwright

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