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    Lotta Niemenen: Maeven Identity

Adding real class to vintage clothing with Lotta Niemenen's lovely design

Posted by James Cartwright,

Trying to showcase the work of Lotta Niemenen in a single article is giving me a headache. I’ve started writing this piece about three times now, each time attempting to summarise the extent of Lotta’s capabilities in a single introductory sentence; which is foolish because as an illustrator, designer and art director who clearly excels in all three of her professional disciplines, one sentence isn’t going to cut it. But then neither is a few paragraphs.

So, to make this exercise a little simpler here’s just one of her stunningly executed recent projects for your visual pleasure; a new visual identity for New York-based vintage shop Maeven. Here Lotta deftly combines bold colours and a modern take on classic typography to stunning effect, recalling the class and glamour of vintage clothing while simultaneously dispelling any preconceived notions that pre-owned clothes are all about moth holes and second-hand sweat stains. Lovely stuff indeed.

I’ll stress again that this is just one beautiful project amongst many and you really should take the time to check out the rest of Lotta’s portfolio. We were just concerned you’d be overwhelmed if we tried to fit it all in here.

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    Lotta Niemenen: Maeven Identity

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    Lotta Niemenen: Maeven Identity

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    Lotta Niemenen: Maeven Identity

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    Lotta Niemenen: Maeven Identity


Posted by James Cartwright

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