Animation: Maciek Janicki plays god with a metropolis in breathtaking short

Posted by James Cartwright,

What is it about animation that makes your heart rate quicken and pupils dilate? Nothing else seems to offer the same childlike sense of awe. Perhaps it’s seeing the impossible made possible in front of your very eyes, or the simple, fluid movement of objects that have no business moving as they do, or maybe it’s just because it takes a really, really long time to animate anything. Either way Maciek Janicki’s latest animated offering is breathtakingly beautiful and delivers on all the aforementioned levels – model cars can’t drive on their own, paper doesn’t move like that in the real world, and it must’ve taken him a hell of a long time to create. So sit back and enjoy as Maciek creates and destroys a paper metropolis before your very eyes.

  • Janicki-1

    Maciek Janicki: Paper City (still)

  • Janicki-5

    Maciek Janicki: Paper City (still)

  • Janicki-3

    Maciek Janicki: Paper City (still)

  • Janicki-4

    Maciek Janicki: Paper City (still)v

  • Janicki-2

    Maciek Janicki: Paper City (still)


Posted by James Cartwright

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