• Maggie-li-lead

    Maggie Li: Summer (detail). Client – Domestic Etch

Bask in the work of Maggie Li, she can illustrate everything under the sun

Posted by Catherine Gaffney,

We love Maggie Li’s work. A lot. Producing illustrations on all sorts of topics – everything from geography and textile production to digital narcotics – she ensures that the content is beautifully laid out, often using soft palettes and arresting, considered colourisation. Her editorial work is particularly compelling, as complex subjects are often literally mapped out for our benefit; an awesome illustration portfolio that also teaches about sustainable architecture? Win.

  • Maggie-li-1

    Maggie Li: Sustainable Architecture Mind Map – Client – Royal Geographical Society

  • Maggie-li-4

    Maggie Li: Digital Narcotics Mind Map. Client – Royal Geographical Society

  • Maggie-li-3

    Maggie Li: Vegetable Garden. Client – OKIDO Magazine

  • Maggie-li-5

    Maggie Li: Relocation. Client – YCN

  • Maggie-li-2

    Maggie Li: East London Map. Client – Flamingo Magazine


Posted by Catherine Gaffney

Catherine joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Trinity College Dublin and Central Saint Martins. She wrote for the site between June and August 2012.