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    Malika Favre: Gucci

New updates from Malika Favre as she continues to wow the world

Posted by Anya Lawrence,

Illustrator Malika Favre is a big deal and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why. Scrolling through her new work, which showcases her less-is-more approach and bold use of contrasting block colours, it’s no wonder that her talents have become so in-demand.

Boasting clients from pretty much every area imaginable across the creative hemisphere – from fashion and music to books and magazines – her list of admirers is long. The Sunday Times, Wallpaper, Volcom and Penguin Books have all been blessed with her creative flair and most recently fashion giant, Gucci joined the club. Commissioning Malika to create a series of illustrations to accompany the iPad version of Gucci Style, the four prints tippled slightly outside of her normal style but just go to prove that even at the height of success, her talent and capabilities show no sign of slowing down.

And there’s good news for the Londoners amongst you – for the best part of September Malika’s brand new Hide and Seek series is being exhibited at Shoreditch’s very own Kemistry Gallery so you can go submit to her brilliance in person.

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    Malika Favre: Gucci

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    Malika Favre: Gucci

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    Malika Favre: Gucci

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    Malika Favre: Shop Magazine

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    Malika Favre: Tweet-a-Brief exhibition

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    Malika Favre: Wallpaper

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    Malika Favre: Volcom

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    Malika Favre: Shop Magazine

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    Malika Favre: Ruppert Ray at Mother


Posted by Anya Lawrence

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