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    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (beer glasses)

Manual create beautiful identity for Colorado microbrewery Loveland

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Beer and graphic design. Graphic design and beer. Two houses, both alike in dignity, in fair Colorado where we lay our scene…Excuse the melodrama but we adore this new work from brilliant San Francisco studio Manual.

They created the visual identity for the Loveland Aleworks microbrewery inspired by the town’s history – it was founded as a stop for the Colorado Central Railroad. Everything from the logo to the beer taps (which are based on 19th century signal levers) reflect this heritage and there’s also a custom-designed typeface for use around the pub.

The whole thing fits together beautifully and you can almost smell the history and taste the crisp mountain air (which makes a change from the kind of pubs I usually inhabit where you can smell the despair and taste the Lynx Africa).

We love seeing projects where a studio has worked across so many aspects of the design and it all fits together so perfectly. Mine’s a pint!

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    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (poster)

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    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (bottles)

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    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (bottles detail)

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    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (beer taps)

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    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (stationery

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    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (exterior)

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    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (vinyl)

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    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (coasters)

  • Plywood_poster_1

    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (poster)

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    Manual: Loveland Aleworks (poster)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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