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    Marianne Anderson: Phone Sketches

Loving Marianne Anderson's collection of phone sketches of everyday objects

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Sketch paint apps have officially got artistic kudos (thanks Hockney!) with the narrow spectrum of marks available making a simple kit of communicative parts. The results are becoming more and more visible as artists and designers alike share their working process and daily observations in flattened accents and straight-from-the-packet colours.

With not a little charm, Marianne Anderson has been recording just such drawings in regular, side-on and cross-section views of vessels and furniture, no doubt informing her own colourful product design work. Like totemic diagrams, they’re a great-looking set.

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    Marianne Anderson: Phone Sketches

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    Marianne Anderson: Phone Sketches

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    Marianne Anderson: Phone Sketches

  • Marianne-anderson

    Marianne Anderson: Phone Sketches


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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