• Themanwhotastedcolours

    Mark Lazenby: The Man Who Tasted Shapes for The Globe (2012)

Celebrating the supreme talents of cracking collage maker Mark Lazenby

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Collage is an art-form that can occasionally carry a whiff of the emperor’s new clothes, and there’s an over-abundance of uninspiring work that seems to have little sense of itself. The knock-on effect of this is that when a real star comes along, you can spot him immediately, though we’re by no means the first to appreciate the uber-talent of Mark Lazenby. Over two decades the man has made collages for almost all the top names in media-land, from The Guardian and The New York Times to Vogue, Wired and GQ – he can also boast Sir Peter Blake as a fan.

But when the work is this consistently good, we’re not ones to eschew a good old-fashioned bandwagon jumping. Mark is able to switch between dazzlingly effective communication of a single, simple idea and more convoluted pieces which hint at several narratives simultaneously, plus he uses typography in a really interesting way. Why not lose yourself in his website for an hour/afternoon?

  • Mark-lazenby---sorry-vogue-australia

    Mark Lazenby: Sorry for Vogue Australia (2012)

  • Mark-lazenby---not-keeping-up-appearances---the-ride

    Mark Lazenby: Not Keeping up Appearances for The Ride (2012)

  • Mark-lazenby---smart-brands-wired

    Mark Lazenby: Smart Brands for Wired (2011)

  • Mark-lazenby---when-pink-hippo-fell

    Mark Lazenby: When Pink Hippo Fell (2011)

  • Mark-lazeby---lolita-vladimir-nabokov

    Mark Lazenby: Lolita (2012)

  • Mark-lazenby---amortality-time-out

    Mark Lazenby: Amortality for Time Out (2011)

  • Mark-lazenby---flip-flip-horray

    Mark Lazenby: Flip Flip Hooray (2012)

  • Mark-lazenby---winmanship

    Mark Lazenby: Winmanship (2012)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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