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    Origin: Sweden

Sumptuous matchbox artworks collected and celebrated by Shailesh Chavda

Posted by Holly Wilkins,

Shailesh Chavda has taken it upon himself to scan in hundreds of matchbox covers. Fair play to him, they are pretty awesome. Coming from all over the globe, mainly Europe and Asia, they are an interesting insight into the packaging design of yesteryear and sometimes even propaganda. Handily organised in country of origin folders, be sure to check the whole set out as there are some absolute gems. Marvellous detail with eye-catching colour, these need to make a comeback.

  • Screen-shot-2013-03-26-at-14.08.05

    Origin: India

  • Polish

    Origin: Poland

  • Screen-shot-2013-03-26-at-14.06.51

    Origin: Unknown

  • Screen-shot-2013-03-26-at-13.57.33

    Origin: Yugoslavia

  • Screen-shot-2013-03-26-at-14.12.21

    Origin: Japan

  • Romanian

    Origin: Romania

  • Screen-shot-2013-03-26-at-14.09.53

    Origin: India

  • Screen-shot-2013-03-26-at-14.10.44

    Origin: Japan


Posted by Holly Wilkins

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