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    Mathilde Roussel: No Limits Just Edges (at Maison de l"Architecture, Paris)

Art: Mathilde Roussel transforms paper into organic-looking rubbery sculptures

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

There’s something fascinating about artwork which transcends its own medium to masquerade as another, and artist Mathilde Roussel has perfected the mastery of making paper look like anything but. Using graphite (lots of it) and a well-loved scalpel, Mathilde transforms large pieces of paper into what appears to be rubber, causing them to behave almost like organic forms draped over walls. Appropriately, then, and instead of being exhibited in frames, the final pieces are then hung from hooks and left to fall naturally. Droopy ears, abandoned socks, butterfly chrysalises – they look like any number of things, but paper is certainly not one of them.

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    Mathilde Roussel: Anatomia Botanica

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    Mathilde Roussel: Carbon 12

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    Mathilde Roussel: Carbon

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    Mathilde Roussel: Carbon Rubber 2

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    Mathilde Roussel: Carbon Rubber

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    Mathilde Roussel: Carbon Rubber 5


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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