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    Max Kaufman: The Yard (detail)

Art: Max Kauffman's chaotic, compelling folkloric paintings fill us with wonder

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

California-based artist Max Kauffman has been earning himself a lot of attention of late, and a quick peek at the sheer plenitude of paintings in his portfolio might give you some inkling as to why. Taking influence from indigenous artwork and his childhood dreams, Max’s paintings encompass a sense of wild chaos and an almost folkloric approach to their subject matter. Big, sprawling houses and abstract landscapes feature heavily, while the attention to tiny detail, like pebbles, minute creatures and flowers maintains the overall sense of wonderment you experience gazing at his fantastical imaginings. Bravo.

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    Max Kauffman: Alameda

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    Max Kauffman: Dignity of Movement

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    Max Kauffman: Stronghold

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    Max Kauffman: Full Coverage

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    Max Kauffman: The Benefits of Travel

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    Max Kauffman: Solar Flare

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    Max Kauffman: The Yard


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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