An interview with Mr Bingo, as he speeds the new Mazda6 round a test track

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Interviews with creatives are always worthwhile but too often the subjects can reel off the same old answers to predictable questions. So when Mazda came to us and offered us a day on a test track in their new Mazda6, we had an idea. Why not get five creatives and get them speeding round said test track while we interview them about their creative craft? Seeing as the Mazda6 launch campaign is based on the theme “Defy Convention” we chose five talents who are known for pushing the boundaries and doing things a little differently. The brilliant Andrew Telling helped make our plans a reality and we’ll be releasing the films over the next five days. First up, here’s the inimitable Mr Bingo talking us through his approach to risk-taking and what he learned from cross-dressing…

  • Mmb1

    Mazda x It’s Nice That: Mr Bingo

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    Mazda x It’s Nice That: Mr Bingo

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    Mazda x It’s Nice That: Mr Bingo

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    Mazda x It’s Nice That: Mr Bingo


Posted by Rob Alderson

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