• Ml_14

    New Construction On East Porter Drive, Looking South, Scottsdale, AZ, 2007

  • Ml_1

    Doubletree La Posada Resort Looking Northwest, Squaw Peak At Left, Paradise Valley, AZ, 2007

  • Ml_2

    East Antigua Drive and the Edge of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, Paradise Valley, AZ, 2007

  • Ml_5

    Villas of the Titans, Camelback Mountain Looking West, Scottsdale, AZ, 2007

  • Ml_7

    Interchange of Highways 60 and 202 Looking West, Mesa, AZ, 2007

  • Ml_9

    New Homes Looking Northeast, Anthem, AZ, 2007

  • Ml_10

    Skunk Creek Wash Looking Southwest, Desert Hills, AZ, 2007

  • Ml_13

    East Upper Ridge Way and Red Ledge Drive, Paradise Valley, AZ, 2007

Michael Light

Posted by Alex Moshakis,

Light’s work concerns the use and disuse of American space, and is as jaw-achingly beautiful as it is UNDENIABLY IMPORTANT. His arial imagery – of sparsely-populated Arizonan landscapes (pictured); of radioactive clouds above Bikini Atoll, etc. etc. – further deals with ‘mapping, vertigo, human impact on the land, and various aspects of geologic time and the sublime.’ This is work worth celebrating.


Posted by Alex Moshakis

Alex originally joined It’s Nice That as a designer but moved into editorial and oversaw the It’s Nice That magazine from Issue Six (July 2011) to Issue Eight (March 2012) before moving on that summer.