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    Michael Willis: Psy-Chic

Michael Willis' Psy-Chic tarot deck is an object of antiquated beauty

Posted by James Cartwright,

Michael Willis is no stranger to antiquated imagery. The London-based designer and illustrator produces anachronistic compositions that place Grecian nudes in fluorescent Miami landscapes and doric columns among the paraphernalia of a luxurious cocktail party.

Given this penchant for fusing the ancient and modern Michael was the obvious creative choice for Kenzo’s latest project, a deck of sinister tarot cards with a modern twist. Based on the Major Arcana Tarot deck the Psy-Chic cards are backed with illustrations in Michael’s trademark style and feature Jean-Paul Goude’s latest campaign on the front. Perfect for a spot of live Tarot reading in Paris.

If that’s not enough Willis action for you right now he’s just re-launched his website with a shed-load of great new projects for your perusal. Job done!

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    Michael Willis: Psy-Chic

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    Michael Willis: Psy-Chic

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    Michael Willis: Psy-Chic

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    Michael Willis: Psy-Chic


Posted by James Cartwright

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