Animation: Mikey Please returns with (maybe) the greatest stop-motion ever

Posted by James Cartwright,

Hold the f*****g phone (it’s imperative that I use an expletive here to emphasise just how excited I am about the news I’m preparing to divulge). Mikey Please has just released a 30 second trailer for his latest short film Marilyn Myller! Bomb. Dropped. In typical Please fashion, Mikey’s giving away little/nothing of the storyline and you’ll get almost no bearing on any narrative from the trailer (someone gets punched, hard, by a disembodied fist) but it feels really good to know that the brilliant mind behind The Eagleman Stag is up to his old tricks again, making pure, unadulterated stop-motion magic for us all to enjoy. Be excited, more will follow!

  • Please-1

    Mikey Please: Marilyn Myller (still)

  • Please-2

    Mikey Please: Marilyn Myller (still)

  • Please-3

    Mikey Please: Marilyn Myller (still)

  • Please-5

    Mikey Please: Marilyn Myller (still)


Posted by James Cartwright

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