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    Ladybird Books: Woodwork

Miscellaneous: An incredible archive of the beautiful, much-loved Ladybird Books

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Did anyone catch that BBC Ladybird Book documentary that was on just before Christmas? It was a fascinating look into the creation and the artists behind the books most of us grew up with. Whether you wanted to read about how to tie knots, the difference between villages and towns, or just animals that hibernate, Ladybird Books had a publication dedicated to nearly every subject on the earth and beyond.

As well as providing tools mothers could use to lure children into being educated without them knowing, these little books also became collector’s items due to the now infamous artwork that graced their pages. Most of us have probably got rid of our old Ladybird Books, but try and find the copies you used to love in this enormous, treasure-trove of an online archive.

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    Ladybird Books: Weather

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    Ladybird Books: Seashore

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    Ladybird Books: Days out in the Sun

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    Ladybird Books: Pets

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    Ladybird Books: Painting

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    Ladybird Books: Indoor Gardening

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    Ladybird Books: In the Train with Uncle Mac

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    Ladybird Books: The Telescope and Microscope

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    Ladybird Books: The Camera

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    Ladybird Books: Television

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    Ladybird Books: Homes

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    Ladybird Books: Hymns and Songs


Posted by Liv Siddall

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