Terrific blog celebrates the supreme awkwardness of the Missed High Five

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Of all human characteristics Schadenfruede – taking pleasure in the misfortune of others – is arguably one of the guiltiest. But the problem is sometimes it’s just so much fun as proved by exhibit a – Missed High Five. This wonderful collection of GIFs and videos captures both those excruciating moments when people ignore or don’t see a proffered high five as well as that terrible cross-cultural confusion that can arise when the fist bump/high five/handshake etiquette gets mixed up. It’s seeming the work of Les Others (cheers guys!) and so if you’re having a tough Wednesday, cheer yourself up by revelling in all the awkwardness via the link below.

  • Hf2

    Missed High Five

  • Hf4

    Missed High Five

  • Hf5

    Missed High Five


Posted by Rob Alderson

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