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    Monica Ramos: A Hot Summer

Illustration: Monica Ramos makes the heatwave a little bit more bearable with her celebratory images

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

If I were looking for an illustrator to adequately sum up the overwhelming heat sitting heavily on London’s weary, slumped shoulders at the moment then Monica Ramos would definitely be the one to do it. The Brooklyn-based illustrator’s series A Hot Summer is dedicated to a bunch of tiny watercolour characters doing exactly the kinds of things that I want to be doing; soaking in a pool closely packed with several hundred other people, seeking shade under giant overhanging lily-pads, frying eggs on the baking hot pavement and sadly trying to salvage the last of a rapidly melting, freshly dropped ice-lolly.

Other areas of expertise for Monica include Comfort Food, in which she has illustrated what might happen if the term was understood literally – cue a sleepover in giant pan of macaroni cheese and drifting absent-mindedly in a bowl full of Cheerios. In fact, every subject she puts her paintbrush to seems to emerge in a haze of rose-tinted merriment. Very, very lovely work indeed.

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    Monica Ramos: Comfort Food

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    Monica Ramos: Naked Dance Party

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    Monica Ramos: A Hot Summer

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    Monica Ramos: Comfort Food

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    Monica Ramos: A Hot Summer

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    Monica Ramos: Orange Dwarves

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    Monica Ramos: Comfort Food

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    Monica Ramos: A Hot Summer


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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