Cowboy's back for a new adventure in More Than Just a Hobby

Posted by James Cartwright,

You loved him in Ready, Steady, Bang, (actually you laughed as he was repeatedly and brutally murdered, but hey ho, live and let live) and now Cowboy is back for a bigger and better adventure with his dear hobby horse clasped firmly between his legs. This teaser trailer from Animade is only a precursor to the full-length animation but has all their trademark character development and style crammed into just a few seconds of footage. From his childlike galloping to the way he furtively pats his equine friend, Cowboy is probably one of the most loveable geometric characters we’ve ever come across and we can’t wait for his next adventure.

  • Bang-2

    Animade: More Than Just A Hobby

  • Bang-3

    Animade: More Than Just A Hobby

  • Bang-1

    Animade: More Than Just A Hobby


Posted by James Cartwright

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