Music Video: Mesmerising vintage velodrome footage for Kit Grill

Posted by Alex Bec,

Don’t ask me why this works, it doesn’t matter. Also don’t ask me who made this, that also doesn’t matter. All you do need to know is that NTS DJ and producer Kit Grill is making beautiful music and someone out there has found some totally entrancing old cycling footage to set it against. Stunning.

  • Mmv-1

    Kit Grill: Velodrome

  • Mmv-2

    Kit Grill: Velodrome

  • Mmv-3

    Kit Grill: Velodrome


Posted by Alex Bec

Alex is one of the directors of It’s Nice That who now oversees our sister creative agency INT Works. For several years he oversaw the Monday Morning Music Video feature until it came to an end in 2014.