Music Video: Florent Texier's cryptic animation for Xiu Xiu takes you on quite a ride

Posted by Madeleine Morley,

Noisey featured this a little while back, and we thought it was such an amazingly well put-together video that we’d write a post about it. Florent Texier is a young graphic designer from France whose made this incredible new music video for Xiu Xiu – a band notorious for their coarse imagery and cryptic, crooked sounds. The animation is dark and shadowy and unhinged, and seems to be made from the stuff of nightmares. A moving collage of cut-outs, computer pixels, fuzzy backgrounds and bold-lined illustrations, the intense and jagged music video for Botanica de Los Angeles puts you on the edge of your seat, and contains flashes of colour that make you feel as if you’re bang in the middle of the eye of a storm. It’s quite a ride, but we think it’s great nonetheless.

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    Xiu Xiu: Botanica de Los Angeles

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    Xiu Xiu: Botanica de Los Angeles

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    Xiu Xiu: Botanica de Los Angeles

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    Xiu Xiu: Botanica de Los Angeles


Posted by Madeleine Morley

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