• Non-tops-colour-family

    MVM: Non-Tops

Super updates from MVM bringing Rhianna and Andy Murray together at last!

Posted by Rob Alderson,

It was a real joy to get word of a new set of updates from Magnus Voll Mathiassen aka MVM. The Norwegian graphic designer and illustrator’s work combines his brilliant, unexpected use of colour with strong, confident style that brings a real flair to anything he turns his talented hands to. The new work exemplifies both his craft and his consistency – from a portrait of British tennis player Andy Murray for the Metro/Adidas Olympics tie-up to personal work exploring the very different worlds of abstracted spinning tops and sassy pop princesses. Also this might be the only time M.I.A and Andy Murray share a post here on It’s NIce That so make the ruddy most of it!

  • Non-tops-colour-1

    MVM: Non-Tops

  • Non-tops-colour-2

    MVM: Non-Tops

  • Non-tops-colour-3

    MVM: Non-Tops

  • Non-tops-colour-4

    MVM: Non-Tops

  • Non-tops-colour-5

    MVM: Non-Tops

  • Rihanna_1_mvm

    MVM: Rhianna

  • Azealia_1_mvm

    MVM: Azaelia

  • Mia_1_mvm

    MVM: M.I.A.

  • Minaj_1_mvm

    MVM: Nicki Minaj

  • Metro_adidas_mvm_front_300dpi_rgb

    MVM: Andy murray for Metro/Adidas Olympic wraparound


Posted by Rob Alderson

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