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    Namsa Leuba: WAD Magazine

Breathtaking fashion photographs from Swiss photographer Namsa Leuba

Posted by James Cartwright,

These stunning shots for WAD Magazine are the work of Namsa Leuba, a Swiss-Guinean photographer currently living and working in Paris. Namsa’s practice focusses heavily on an African identity perceived through western eyes, appropriating the artefacts of Guinean culture and recontextualising them to fit a westernised perspective. Previous projects have seen her travel across the continent to photograph locals in subverted traditional dress, something that, on occasion, solicited “violent reactions from Guineans who viewed my procedures/practices as a form of sacrilege. Some were afraid and were struck with astonishment.”

Quite apart from the engaging theoretical background to Namsa’s work she also has an incredible gift for taking technically brilliant photographs, as the sheer richness of these images testifies.

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    Namsa Leuba: WAD Magazine

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    Namsa Leuba: WAD Magazine

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    Namsa Leuba: WAD Magazine

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    Namsa Leuba: WAD Magazine


Posted by James Cartwright

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