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    Natalie Krick: Mom Wearing Lipstick In Bed

Photography: Meet Natalie Krick, the photographer who's always with her mum

Posted by James Cartwright,

Chicago-based photographer Natalie Krick takes photos that are seriously good and very, very weird. She focusses her lens on women specifically, exploring themes of sexualisation, celebrity and the effect of age on gender roles. The latter manifests itself in a particularly striking way through incredibly personal shots of her mother, dressed up as Greta Garbo, as a teenage version of herself, wearing unflattering wigs and hastily-applied lipstick and posing like a pin-up. The series feels like an unhealthy obsession with a powerful matriarch but also really drives home some of the unhealthy ideas we all have about female sexuality through film, advertising, the fashion world and the music industry. Haunting, thought-provoking work executed with serious flair.

  • Nataliekrick_momaftergreta

    Natalie Krick: Mom After Greta

  • Nataliekrick_momasme

    Natalie Krick: Mom As Me

  • Nataliekrick_momasmeasateenager

    Natalie Krick: Mom As Me As A Teenager

  • Nataliekrick_momhangingonthetelephone

    Natalie Krick: Mom Hanging On The Telephone

  • Nataliekrick_mominfrontoftheshowercurtain

    Natalie Krick: Mom In Front Of The Shower Curtain

  • Nataliekrick_momlayinginthefrontyard

    Natalie Krick: Mom Laying In The Front Yard

  • Nataliekrick_momliftinghershirtup

    Natalie Krick: Mom Lifting Her Shirt


Posted by James Cartwright

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