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    Nathalie du Pasquier: Square Paintings

Publication: Beautiful new Nieves zine from the lovely Nathalie du Pasquier

Posted by James Cartwright,

The lovely Nathalie du Pasquier (I say that like I know her, though tragically I don’t) has just released a new book through Nieves, collecting together a selection of her still life paintings made between 2001 and 2012. The aptly-titled Square Paintings demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt why so many people revere this magnificent woman; she founded Memphis, one of the most respected collectives of its day, then sacked it off to have an equally successful career in painting. There\s not many out there who can boast the same.

Of her pairings Nathalie says; “Painting ‘still life’ is very quiet, just like the name. I represent objects, they don’t talk, they don’t move, they don’t change except with the light. I install them in front of me, building a little ‘set’, and then I paint them. The most recent paintings represent things I have constructed, so they look a bit different because people don’t know what the objects are and the paintings look less like ‘still life’ paintings even though they are.”

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    Nathalie du Pasquier: Square Paintings

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    Nathalie du Pasquier: Square Paintings

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    Nathalie du Pasquier: Square Paintings

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    Nathalie du Pasquier: Square Paintings


Posted by James Cartwright

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