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    Nathalie Guinamard: Chair 2

Nathalie Guinamard questions the way we live in her bold, colourful work

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Recent Chelsea graduate Nathalie Guinamard is interested in how our memories and identities are shaped by the physical spaces we live in and the tangible objects with which we surround ourselves. Her work has evolved over the past few years but her fantastic latest updates see her add blocks of gouache to images of interiors from the 1950s and 1960s.

These interventions can range from simple sweeps of block colour to more subtle additions and manipulations all of which make us question our relationships with our living spaces and the almost theatrical precision with which we arrange and furnish them, well aware as we are what our houses say about us.

She says: "The paint is used as an editing tool to carefully select what parts of the image to show and which to hide, leaving certain elements, i.e. furniture, floating in a sea of colour.

“The pictorial space is flattened through the addition of colour, which I hope disorientates and dislocates the viewer. The images I use are carefully selected to be setup or aspirational interiors from mid 20th century interior design books, which acts to further disengage the experience of my work from the reality of lived in spaces.”

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    Nathalie Guinamard: Bathroom

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    Nathalie Guinamard: Mitchen

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    Nathalie Guinamard: Chair 1

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Posted by Rob Alderson

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