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Graphic Design: Russian entrepreneurs have got it good thanks to Knopka and NB

Posted by James Cartwright,

The first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Russian entrepreneurs is not “How could I make their lives easier?” but that’s probably why I’m not the CEO of a wildly successful tech start-up. Curse you brain! For the founders of Knopka, however, the streamlining of entrepreneurial life for Russian entrepreneurs is pretty much their raison d’être, and it seems like their service is littered with good ideas, combining banking, accountancy and personal assistant services within one simple app.

Another good idea they’ve had is to commission NB studio to design and implement all of their branding with characteristic flair. NB’s design takes the “Knopka” name (which means “button” in Russian) and turns it into a series of iconic coloured dots that fit seamlessly into the product’s UI, sit beautifully on all of their physical products and add a real sense of tactility to an otherwise fairly abstract online service. Oh and everything’s presided over by a charming little girl illustrated by Jean Jullien. Frankly these Russian entrepreneurial types are being spoiled.

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    NB Studio: Knopka

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    NB Studio: Knopka

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    NB Studio: Knopka

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    NB Studio: Knopka


Posted by James Cartwright

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