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    Neighborhood Studio: Friends of Type

Check out Neighborhood Studio's ultra-American graphic design

Posted by James Cartwright,

Neighborhood Studio is the commercial trading arm of illustrator and designer Curtis Jinkins. The Austin-based creative has made a name for himself producing the kind of ultra-American imagery that us Brits just can’t seem to get the hang of. Drawing inspiration from traditional sign-writing, mid-century illustration and of course just good old-fashioned US culture (why is it that there’s so much vibrant design for hot dogs?) Curtis creates identities, posters and just-for-fun hand lettering that has earned him widespread respect amongst his design peers. Top stuff!

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    Neighborhood Studio: Playing Cards

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    Neighborhood Studio: Playing Cards

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    Neighborhood Studio: Playing Cards

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    Neighborhood Studio: Playing Cards

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    Neighborhood Studio: A Hundred Monkeys poster

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    Neighborhood Studio: Herb Lester oster

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    Neighborhood Studio: Banger’s promo

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    Neighborhood Studio: Banger’s promo

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    Neighborhood Studio: Fist City

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Posted by James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and is now one of our two editors. He oversees Printed Pages magazine and content wise has a special interest in graphic design and illustration. He also runs our online shop Company of Parrots and is a regular on our Studio Audience podcast.