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    Nieves Zine Box 2012

Like Nieves, zines and box-sets? Then their 2012 zine box is for you!

Posted by Anna Trench,

Nieves, the champion zine and artists’ books publishers based in Zurich, have just released this covetable, limited edition package bringing together all 18 of their inky numbers from the past year.

Nieves zines are outwardly uniform: stapled little books of the same size, same page number, printed on the same paper, usually in black and white. But the contents range wildly. Within the 18 different artists here there’s a great variety – from Emmanuelle Pidoux’s dark watery wastelands to Olaf Breuning’s naughty line doodles, from Jocko Weyland’s eerie photographs to Allison Schulnik’s sculpted and painted “misfits”, the Nieves Zine Box looks like fascinating mixed bag.

  • Emmanuelle-pidoux-le-bloc-noir

    Emmanuelle Pidoux: Le Bloc Noir

  • Allison-schulnik-eager

    Allison Schulnik: Eager

  • Jocko-weyland-the-lake-of-death

    Jocko Weyland: The Lake of Death

  • Olaf-breuning-love-life-fuck

    Olaf Breuning: Love, Life, Fuck

  • Andy-rementer-love-and-hats

    Andy Rementer: Love and Hats

  • Rob-churm-flicking-glass-snails

    Rob Churm: Flicking Glass Snails

  • Chris-hopkins-_-emi-ueoka-matterhorn

    Chris Hopkins & Emi Ueoka: Matterhorn

  • Mehdi24

    Shoboshobo: Aaron / Benjamin


Posted by Anna Trench

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