Nik Christensen

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Kent-born Nik Christensen is one of those clever people who’s decided to leave this country and move to lovely, beautiful Amsterdam to continue his artistic career. His predominantly monochrome ink and watercolour paintings are like those magic eye pictures, which could well be to do with his clear fascination of dramatic lighting in very dark, almost mythical situations. Lots of umbrellas, dogs, fire and occult imagery makes his portfolio kind of creepy, but fascinating.

  • Nc99

    In the house of bedlam

  • Nc9

    The arms of silence and slow time

  • Nc8

    A leisurely escape

  • Nc7

    The host of other needs

  • Nc6


  • Nc5

    Amongst the wild

  • Nc4


  • Nc3


  • Nc

    Untitled (hound)


Posted by Liv Siddall

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