Cheeky other London Nike campaign bids to circumvent sponsorship rules

Posted by Rob Alderson,

We were pretty sure it was coming, we just didn’t know what form it might take. But in the Olympic battle to grab consumers’ attention during the London Games, Nike have released this Find Your Greatness spot in an attempt to ambush the multi-million pound sponsorship deal their great rivals Adidas secured. There’s no express mention of the games or the proscribed buzzwords non-partners are being banned from using, and it is filmed in locations called London across the globe, from the USA to South Africa. Due to be released in 25 countries at the same time as the Opening Ceremony takes place, it’s cheeky, clever and boasts trademark production values – the question is whether it will survive the draconian commercial rules imposed around the event.

Nike are the second non-sponsor in a week to try the other London approach, with bookmaker Paddy Power involved in a legal battle to prevent their billboard ads (below) being taken down.

  • Pp

    Paddy Power Billboard

  • Nike7

    Nike: Find Your Greatness (still)

  • Nike6

    Nike: Find Your Greatness (still)

  • Nike4

    Nike: Find Your Greatness (still)

  • Nike2

    Nike: Find Your Greatness (still)

  • Nike1

    Nike: Find Your Greatness (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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