Laura Bellingham creates impressive Tears spot for camera giant Nikon

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Director Laura Bellingham has created a new advert for Nikon which is a marked shift from the Japanese camera giant’s previous approach. Whereas their last campaigns played more on how cameras shape and define our memories, Tears plays on the ambiguity of the action of crying and the many and varied contexts in which it occurs. It’s beautifully shot, treading the right line between moving and mawkish and it features not a single shot of either a camera or anyone taking a photograph. A simple idea, executed really well.

  • Nikon1

    Laura Bellingham: Nikon Tears (still)

  • Nikon2

    Laura Bellingham: Nikon Tears (still)

  • Nikon3

    Laura Bellingham: Nikon Tears (still)

  • Nikon4

    Laura Bellingham: Nikon Tears (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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